Ending the Addictive Cycle
Meeting : Virtual
From 22-Aug-2022 to 10-Oct-2022

Ending the Addictive Cycle

Discovering Hope, Deciding to Change
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Teaches freedom from the hopeless mindset of once an addict, always an addict. Recognize the components of the addictive cycle, how we fall into it, and how we can be freed from it.

What You Will Learn

This study looks at how the addictive cycle works and what powers it – mental triggers, fear, shame, and false beliefs. All of these grow in darkness but retreat from the light as we expose them.

Group Leader Rose B
Meeting FormatVirtual
Meeting FrequencyWeekly
Duration75 minutes

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LocationModesto, California, USA

allow Guest pass Yes
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Curriculum Yes
name Breaking Free/Ending the Addictive Cycle
Author Wendy Buttacy
Material Format Print