Why One-on-One Personal
Coaching rocks.

Personal Coaching is a one-on-one recovery experience without the bone crushing cost of a residential or outpatient program that is often accompanied by a major life disruption. It's personal and private. And, you can get started in less than

5 minutes

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Sober Peer provides direct, One-on-One counselor support that rocks. Our peer coaches and counselors are trained to guide you through the recovery process that will get you the best recovery outcome possible. And, it won't crush your pocketbook. Sober Peer is the most affordable first step to those difficult life-controlling issues.

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How it works

Personal Coaching starts for as little as $45 per week for a peer coach or $75 per week for a credentialed professional. That's 24 hour support with real-time support from a large community of providers near you. Compare that with a conventional recovery program that can cost you a whopping 50 times more.

Can't afford it?

Right about now your brain is telling you, "I can't afford that!" Do you hear yourself? That's a perfectly normal response because your body and mind are working together to deny you the loving recovery you deserve. Remember, your life-controlling habit is, well, controlling you. We won't turn anyone away. So keep reading.

You're probably thinking this 
about now

If you've read this far there's great hope for you. But lingering in the back of your mind you're probably thinking of all the reasons why you just can't start a recovery program. Maybe you're thinking you can't afford it (not true, help is available for everyone regardless of your personal situation). Maybe you're worried what others might think (you're in for a totally private experience). Maybe your problem isn't that bad (yea, sure). Maybe you've got another hundred reasons why not.

Now, here's the good news; Sober Peer deeply cares about your recovery. So, how can we help you today, right now?

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