Are you watching someone suffer? Now, there's hope.

Life-controlling issues aren't unique to the person suffering. Watching someone suffer is exhausting and frustrating. It's wrought with few traditional options. Until now.

Direct Care for Concerned Persons

Sober Peer offers direct consultation to those who want help for someone else. You'll get expert counsel from professionals who are experienced with how to guide you through managing complex behavioral issues of others. You can also fund the resources needed to counsel others thereby removing the typical "I can't afford it" excuses. You'll find a steady hand in helping you with the clarity and action you need during a difficult time.

It's affordable. It's easy to get started and your first session is absolutely free.

GET STARTED. Your First Session is Free

Concerned Persons are our concern

If you're not quite sure how to encourage a recovery, or get someone back on track, you can get started now and get help in less than 5 minutes. Download our App and Select a Coach or Counselor.