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This time it's different

You're about to experience how re-thinking the treatment model of people with life-controlling issues can change the way you think about your success.

Sober Peer was built to connect professional providers to people with life-controlling issues. It not only re-imagines recovery treatment but it applies super-computing power to develop a level of care so granular your patient insights will be as clear and unique as fingerprints.

And, you'll reach new client populations, discover unparalleled predictive power to prescribe the next best steps for your clients while keeping up with every case, real time around the clock.

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This is Recovery. Reimagined.

Our award-winning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy plans are driven by artificial intelligence observations that create individualized therapies from hundreds of real-time sober signals generated by your clients. You'll move beyond episodic care to value-conscience continuous care.

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Reach more lives in need

Sober Peer’s mobile health technology allows you to reach more at-risk persons with astounding efficiency. Sober Peer can help you maintain 24/7 connectivity and care to produce better outcomes for your patients allowing you to expand your capacity to serve 10x more clients. Sober Peer’s proven behavioral science will help you in reducing relapses & recidivism while adding new private funding sources to the system through self-pay clients especially for those who need, but don’t have ready access to care, or post treatment support.

How it works

With Sober Peer it is possible to reach a wide array of patients without the need for residential or conventional outpatient program support. Sober Peer will allow you to serve specific populations of persons including

  • Reluctant persons
  • Waitlisted clients
  • Emergency interventions
  • Aftercare groups
  • Community outreach
  • Digital small groups
  • Concerned persons
  • Outpatient telehealth

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